Sports and leisure

The Sports and Leisure track looked at questions including:

How do sports include LGBTQIA+ people in sports who are usually built on the idea that there are only two genders and two gender identities? What does the access look like to be able to take part of and have an inclusive, meaningful and safe leisure time?

Here are a selection of recorded events from the track…

Lesbian sport stars – a conversation with Moa Svan

Lesbian sports stars have built football to what it is today. And still do. Is it not time for us lesbian football fans to be proud of this? Or are the lesbian relationships something that should be kept private, and something that we who really like football should not talk about? Is the interest in lesbian drama within Rosengård’s football club an unhealthy craving for sex and filth?


Gamer community, alongside representatives from game publishers, to openly discuss how LGBTQ people are represented within video games and how LGBTQ people are welcomed amongst the general gaming community. The LGBTQ Gaming representatives will share their perception of representation within video games and publishers will tell to what extent they take these topics to heart when developing their stories & characters. What sort of actions would the LGBTQ gamer community like to see game publishers, event organisers and others take, in order to improve the LGBTQ gamer environment?