In the days leading up to the summit on Refugees, Borders and Immigration, WorldPride House held a number of events surrounding this topic that provided an opportunity to gain a more in-depth knowledge on this topic or to examine this field further, through a number of different perspectives. We hosted a range of events; there were lectures where those with lived experience in this field as LGBTQIA+ forcibly displaced persons shared their story and expert insight on the topic; immersive learning experiences in the form of a live role play, aimed at mapping yourself into the Rainbow Refugee Multiverse as well as panels and round table discussions on the topic among others.

The pre-summit programme provided an opportunity to highlight some incredible people and their important work in this field and build connections among those who work and campaign around this incredibly important, and too often overlooked topic of LGBTQIA+ Forcibly displaced people.

Below you can watch a selection of these interesting and important events, do feel free to share those events that you find particularly important.

Again, a very warm thank you to all those who contributed and shared with us their time and expertise.

Unga HBTQ-migranters berättelser

Camilla Ivarsson är nästan halvvägs genom sina doktorandstudier vid Centrum för Sexologi och Sexualitetsstudier på Malmö Universitet. Hennes avhandling bygger på 18 djupintervjuer med unga hbtq-personer med migrationserfarenheter. Hon undersöker deras levnadsförhållanden i Sverige samt hur deras tidigare livserfarenheter påverkar dem post-migrationsprocessen. I den här presentationen, kommer hon tala om sina preliminära resultat från studien, som fokuserar på olika faktorer och omständigheter som påverkar unga hbtq-migranters möjligheter och livskvalitet i Sverige.

[Event language: Swedish]

Breaking the cultural stereotypes of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers

How much are we aware of the westernized presumption and stereotypes about LGBTQ+ asylum seekers? How often do we hear the concept of “LGBTQ” from the global south? How much are we lacking in hearing cultural differences between western LGBTQ+ concept and the rest of the world? Such questions are dominant with the LGBTQ+ asylum seekers community in Sweden and all over the world. This panel debate will aim to provide different perspectives on understanding the cultural context of the “LGBTQ concept” between western countries and the rest of the world with special emphasis on lived storytelling.

[Event language: English]

Why was I born gay in Africa?

The plight of a gay priest from kenya who lost his family, tortured sentence in prison without going to court. Edwin’s memory on his life as gay refugee and a human rights activist which is full of hash treatment, rejection handed over to the devil by his church. struggling with his life in Sweden.

[Event language: English]

Telling the stories of young LGBRQIA+ migrants

Camilla Ivarsson is almost halfway through her doctoral studies at the Center for Sexology and Sexuality Studies at Malmö University. Her dissertation is based on 18 in-depth interviews with young LGBTQ people with migration experiences. She examines their living conditions in Sweden and how their previous life experiences affect them in the post-migration process. In this presentation, she will talk about her preliminary results from the study, which focuses on various factors and circumstances that affect young LGBTQ migrants’ opportunities and quality of life in Sweden.

[Event language: English]

Migration politics for queer asylum seekers

The Swedish authorities carry out systematic credibility assessments in an incorrect manner in order to reject and expel asylum-seeking queer persons. This seminar will take a closer look at this and discuss how we can develop legally secure investigations of LGBTQIA + asylum cases.

[Event language: English].

The asylum process for LGBTIQ+ people and RFSL’s research about the credibility assessments in SOGIESC asylum cases.

RFSL’s asylum lawyer describes the asylum process for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers, and RFSL’s recently published research about the problematic credibility assessments in SOGIESC asylum cases in Sweden, leading to wrongful deportations of LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers entitled to protection.

[Event language: English].

Rainbow refugee community – What it means to be a minority within a minority.

Refugees are frequently incorrectly referred to as being a homogeneous group with the same characteristics, challenges, or needs. In the context of LGBTQ+ refugee, it is highly inaccurate and might contribute to the perceived sameness and invisibility of queer refugees for the wider public.

❗ May include sensitive issues surrounding LGBTQ+ asylum seekers.
[Event language: English]

Lesbian Moms, Their Children and Asylum: A case study of AB v Finland

In 2021, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child found that Finland failed to consider the best interests of the child of a lesbian couple when rejecting his asylum request, and to protect him against a real risk of irreparable harm when the family had no other choice but to return to Russia. Discussants will be unpacking the ground-breaking decision, the first asylum-related case from the UN system involving a child who is facing specific risks on the grounds of his mothers’ sexual orientation.

[Event language: English, Russian]

Stories without borders.

Join us as we talk to three LGBTQ+ refugees and explore the human stories behind the headlines. We will learn more about our speakers’ personal journeys and discover what it really means to be a LGBTQ+ refugee in Sweden. Come listen to our storytellers and join in on the conversation!

❗ May include triggering content: Domestic violence, conversion therapy, sexual abuse, violence.
[Event language: English]