The Opening Parade


Due to the pandemic and its restrictions, the traditional parade could not be held with the big crowds that usually walks through the core of the city. The restrictions were also throughout the year changing and it was far a large portion of time unknown what they would look like during the Pride-event. When the decision to carry on with a new version of the parade happened, it was not long until the event was due to take place. However, a glamorous parade and opening could take place at the Malmö Stadium for an estimated 3000 people. It turned out a party with politics and community at the core, similar to a classical parade. The digital production also enabled far more than the live-audience to part-take in the celebrations online.

The Parade was filled after an Open Call where organisations could sign up for ten spots per group in the parade. There were NGO’s, political parties, the festival collaborators and sponsors and plenty of individuals walking. The parade announcements were done by Rickard Söderberg and Jeanette “Vante” Rosengren. In between the blocks, Bateria Malmö were playing samba-drums to the crowds excitement.

Artists on stage were Loreen, Malmö Opera and comedienne Marika Carlsson. Speeches were held by Tove Karnerud (Chairperson of Malmö Pride), Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (Chairperson of the Municipal Board), Märta Stenevi (former Minister of Equality) and Kimahli Powell (CEO for Rainbow Railroad). To not horde crowds the artists were kept secret up until the start of the Opening. The moment Loreen came on stage to sing her Eurovision-winning “Euphoria” the crowd stood up and the parade had a magic peak!

The Opening Parade – Live!

Photos by: Andreas Paulsson